Summer '17


As we speak I am officially free, it's Summer break for me! And Alysse and I are giving you guys tye dye realness! 


I plan on letting my hair down, and having a great time by traveling & committing to being more social. 



What's events are you planning to attend? 

If you're in Atlanta, check out my video for the upcoming Fashion Flea Market event!

What are you guys doing this Summer? Let me know, leave a comment! 


-  Ramona O. ❤️ 

Dope At Any Height x DivaXpress


Despite our height difference, Alysse and I usually end up with some of the same clothes in our closet. We also share the same love for vintage, so we're highlighting one of our favorite vintage online stores, DivaXpress.



Diva Xpress sells fashionable vintage pieces and the company adds new items every Monday and Friday night at 8:15 pm EST.


For this look! We were feeling a sleek, edgy vibe this time; all black with a pop of print and a bold lip!  Are you a vintage lover? If so, you'd love DIVAXPRESS! 


- Ramona O. ❤️ 

Dope At Any Height X Debshhops

We're back with another #DOPEATANYHEIGHT post and we're featuring another look from DEBSHOPS .  We thought it would great to highlight, this high slit dress.  I usually stay away from high slits because the slits end up revealing wayyy more than I plan to share.  But this dress did not disappoint me, it didn't reveal too much. Standing nearly a foot apart, it's flattering on me at 6'0, as well as Alysse at 5'1.  Check out the pics below!!

The dresses are available HERE and be sure to size up because Debshops offers junior plus sizing.  


TAKE 20% off your next order with Debshops by using: DOPEATANYHEIGHT


Stay Dope At Any Height, 

-Ramona O. ❤ 




Alysse and I were feeling festive so, we custom made hoodies to represent for petite and tall women! These aren't for sell but aren't they cute? I LOVE color and tie-dye is definitely perfect with the warm weather ahead.


While Alysse and I were together a few weeks back, we were discussing the basic summer items that we both have problems finding that actually fits properly.  Although we're a foot apart, we share similar issues.  I was so surprised when Alysse explained her petite perspective.


Alysse shared that if she had to pick one summer item that she'd wish she could fit from any store, it would be a mini skirt! When Alysse buys mini skirts, the skirts aren't mini at all, (more like Midi) they're normally too long. 



If I had to choose one summer item that I'd wish I could fit from any store, it would be a maxi dressMaxi Dresses are normally too short for me if I don't purchase them in tall or long sizing.


Do you know what we've discovered? Although we chose two different items, we both have issues when it comes to mini skirts and maxi dresses fitting in the way we'd like. Mini skirts are mostly too short for me and maxi dresses are too long for her.


Are you apart of the small or tall group? (4'7-5'4 SMALL or 5'9 & up TALL!) We want to know the item hardest for you to find! Click here ->



Stay Dope At Any Height, 

❤-Ramona O. 

Dope At Any Height: Debshop Edition


We're back with another segment of #DopeAtAnyHeight! Alysse of Ready to Stare and I are about a foot difference in height; she's 5'1 & I'm 6'0.  Even though we are on different sides of the height spectrum, we have similar issues finding clothes that fit us the way we'd like them to fit.


Alysse has to roll up most of her jeans if the sizing isn't petite because they're usually too long. On the other hand, I usually wear boots with jeans because they're too short. Either way, we make the best of what we have.



This time we're twinning in Debshops. We paired a sequin mesh skirt with an edgy utility denim jacket! To switch it up a little, we sealed the deal with sneakers. Not the typical approach, I know, but Alysse and I or EDGY & EXTRA.


Stay tuned because our Debshop Edition will continue! We have a coupon code: DOPEATANYHEIGHT... 20% off on your next order at Deb! 


-❤Ramona O. 

Extra Wide Leg Pants


Shhhhh!!! Keep it a secret!

I'm giving you guys a heads up on what's to come in Spring 2017. One of my favorite designers, Christian O'meshun is releasing EXTRA wide leg pants this Spring! These pants are twice as wide as the ones from her past Spring Collection. Check out the picture below, there's a visible difference! Either way, it's Too much SAUCE! Lol


Also, tall ladies don't be afraid to order! I'm 6 feet &  the designer made these pants to my measurements. She has CUSTOM by CO ,  customized garmets in a variety of colors.  All you need to know are your measurements and you're ready to rock clothes designed to fit YOU! Check it out HERE!

For special perks, JOIN TALL & DOPE GROUP HERE  


- ❤ Ramona O. 

Jord Wood Watches


I'm not the typical person who changes accessories, I'll usually wear my ivory ring and bracelet and call it a day! I've been trying to incorporate other accessories and I'm starting off with a wooden watch from JORD


Jord is focused on creating timepieces that exude modern lifestyles.  Have you ever seen a watch made out of wood? It's a watch not made for people who have somewhere to be, but they have somewhere to go! With JORD you'll be able to maximize your time because their watches help tell more than time.  


So let me get into the watch I have! I have a Frankie Series, Zebrawood & Champagne watch. The presentation was EVERYTHING & each watch is given to the customer in a wood box. 




JORD and I have partnered for a contest that gives all entry participants a $25 off e-gift code and one lucky winner a $100 off code! All you have to do is click HERE and fill out the info to enter!

Check out men watches HERE

Women's Watches HERE

Also, the JORD watches could be a great gift for Valentine's Day!    


-Ramona O. 







Society Plus: Holiday With an Edge


Alysse and I are back with another Holiday Glam look for our #DopeAtAnyHeight project! This time we're giving you guys a glammed look with an edge featuring Society P lus.  This show stopping glittering maxi skirt, is definitely a must have for holiday fashion. 


 The sequin skirt is paired with a burgundy Lakynn Faux Suede Scoop Crop top! The top is emerged suede that exudes fall & wintery fabulousness.


I have to admit Tall team, I thought the skirt would be a little longer. I loved how Alysse's skirt had a waterfall effect because of the extra length.  


Either way, the skirt is hot but the fit varies & is something to consider based on your height. The length of the skirt is approximately 46 inches for all of the sizes offered. 


What would you guys pair with the maxi skirt? The denim really finished off the look really well.


Photos by: Amber of ATerrorMusical

Stay Dope At Any Height,

❤️ Ramona O.

Dope At Any Height: Featuring Fashion To Figure


Tall Team!! 

Guess what? Fashion To Figure has released more options in denim in stores and online to purchase.  They now offer petite and long jeans in several denim swashes. Yes! We have another outlet to purchase jeans that aren't too short. 


Check out the picture above. Do you see the height difference between Alysse and I? We're almost a foot apart and we both found jeans that for us perfectly! Click the link to view the video of us finding out about the new jean sizes  Fashion To Figure has to offer!



❤️Ramona O. 



Greetings Tall Team! 


Summer is almost over! I've been contemplating on my Fall attire and I have a few ideas on my signature look!


I always have issues finding fashionable heels in my size but I don't really have that issue finding fly kicks. I can easily purchased men shoes. 




Contrary to what others think, a fly pair of sneakers can serve as a great accessory to a more than just casual attire. 


I wore this outfit when my friend proposed to his girlfriend. I went for something JAZZual .. The merging of jazzy pieces to a casual vibe. 

Skipping into Fall!  ❤️ Ramona O. 

Skipping into Fall! 

❤️ Ramona O. 

Tall & Dope

Greetings Tall Team! 

Did you guys know that there's a Tall and Dope group on FB? A community where women 5'10 and up can connect socially about issues that only the tall women would face.  This group seeks to empower women and ultimately build self confidence and worth if it is lacking; reassuring women that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD! 

If you are apart of the tall team and want to join the group, click HERE to join

We recently had our 1st Meetup for brunch at Negril Village here in Atlanta. We are starting to have a meetup once a month, so leave a comment on a suggestion for our next outing! 


Check out out the pics below



Greetings Tall Team! 

I scored this two-piece set at a local Value Village for $3 here in Atlanta.  This set is often mistaken for a dress but I received countless compliments! 


I absolute LOVE vintage sets or A-lined dresses. They are comfortable and flattering for every body type. 



I belted the set and paired it with a vintage purse that I've had for years. 



I finished this Sunday Funday look with a pair of Strappy heels from Eloquii.


The shoes and the set were SUPER comfortable but I felt very fashionable! I tend to wear clothes are are fitted, it's great to feel as cute with a loose-flowing outfit!


❤️ Ramona O. 

90's Tease

Greetings Tall Team!

I ran across this amazing style board on stylist, Demi Dorsey's IG page and decided to create a rendition of this look.  This look screams 90's, with the bold colors, prints and classic sneakers.



Bodycon Prints  

Bodycon Prints


My biggest issue recreating this look came with deciding on which printed bodycon to make the base for the entire look.  I started with a gold-chain printed bodycon (left) and ended up with a colorful vibrant print  bodycon (right). My blogger boo Janell, @theWorkingBeauty found this for me while thrifting.

After I selected the dress, I wanted to replicate the cassette purse from his style board, it was sooo cute! I didn't purchase the Chanel purse but I found a similar one here.




Instead of the Classic Adidas shell toe sneakers, I decided to go with the Gazelle Adidas, since the base my bodycon dress was black.




As a replacement for the checkered jacket, I used a collared striped shirt for the outerwear. I wrapped the shirt around my waist since its scorching hot here in Atlanta.




My style and fashion are inspired by my feelings, colors, prints, trends, fads, and even other people. Although my outfit looks completely different from Demi Dorsey's style board, its similar and I was influenced by it.  There's nothing wrong with being inspired by others but be unique enough to produce your style with whatever you're inspired by.



Tall Tale Tip : Give props where props are due! (Thanks Demi for the inspiration!)

❤️ Ramona O

CO's Cosmo

                       Christian O'meshun

                       Christian O'meshun

Christian Ome'Shun created her company for the plus size woman with a desire to be simple, classic, and chic with a daring edge!  I've been wearing her designs for a few years and she's definitely always had pieces that are unique. I especially love the intricate ruffle signature on CO's designs; they are very chic & savvy. Let's dive right into this new Cosmopolitan Collection! 


I was afforded the opportunity to view the collection before it was released! I chose 3 pieces, something fun, classy and funky!









Olive, wide legged pants. |HERE|


Check out her new collection |HERE|  



❤️Ramona O. 




The next project I have teamed up with 2 of my blogger boos for the 3 X Dope project! Myself, along with Maui of Phat Girl Fresh and Melodie of The Style Klazit have link to bring you 3 different perspectives "Tall, Small, and Round." The collab will includes topics related to beauty, lifestyle and of course fashion!

I represent the "Tall" portion of 3xDOPE and I'm excited about our new journey! Being a plus size woman who's tall presents a plethora of issues! Plus isn't ALWAYS equal, shirts and pants flood(too short), and shoes don't ever come in my size! I can go all day, but I'll stop there.


I make it a point to spruce up the options that are available to the best of my ability. I  chose to wear pants for our first post because finding pants is always an issue for the tall team! I pay attention to detail since most of my shopping is done online. I'm almost 6 feet and the inseam of my pants has to be a least 31 inches. I tend to go up a size or two because that stretches the length of the pants as well.

Tall Tale Tip: Be sure to check out the clothing details in the description, it'll save you time and money!

Monochrome Look

Monochrome Look


Our first theme is black and white monochrome.  This is a combination of decorative black and white devices that create a fresh look!  My favorite is pattern play, I mixed two different checkered/boxed prints for my style story. I paired the two prints with a chunky heel and I felt fresh and fashionable!


My Photos - @jnicoledidit  

My Photos - @jnicoledidit  


Check out the "Small" and "Round" Perspective Below 


❤️Ramona O.